Managed Application Services

Successful organisations in today's rapidly changing world seek cost-effective application portfolio management. Dialog's Managed Application Services transform IT portfolios into smooth running operations that underpin the achievement of business goals. With over 35 years of experience in applications management this is core business for Dialog.

Performance Indicators

Like any strategic initiative Managed Application Services need to be clearly measured and monitored. Generally, the indicators fall into 5 categories.

1. Service delivery Actual performance against agreed service levels.
2. Management satisfaction Assessment of the services provided from a management perspective.
3. User satisfaction Assessment of the services provided from an end-user perspective.
4. Co-operation Evaluation of Dialog’s ability to provide the services in a seamless and uncomplicated manner.
5. Innovation Extent to which Dialog has introduced ideas, processes, methods or technology which have benefited the client.

During the transition phase, each category is usually weighted (out of 100%). They are then scored annually by the client to provide a balanced service scorecard.

Below are examples of performance indicators which can form part of the assessment.

  • % of stakeholders satisfied with service responsiveness
  • % reduction in the unit cost of IT services
  • % of IT roles with backup personnel
  • % of defects uncovered prior to production
  • % reduction in high severity incidents per user per month
  • % of projects on time, on budget and meeting expectations
  • Peak load and overall utilisation rates
  • % of peaks where target utilisation is exceeded
  • Transaction failure rate
  • Frequency of service interruption of critical systems
  • Average duration of incidents by severity
  • % of incidents reopened
  • % of problems resolved within the required time period
  • % of scheduled work requests not completed on time
  • Number of improvement actions driven by monitoring activities

Dialog will work with you to develop the performance indicators and targets for your organisation.

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