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Catapult BI Improves Analytics Services with Teradata Products

Catapult BI, Australia’s leading analytics services provider, is now a reseller of Teradata products in the Australian market. Teradata Corporation is the world’s leading provider of data warehousing and big data capabilities.

Teradata are experts in “big data”. Since 1980 they have been working with “big data” and have created their own Aster platform that can be tailored for a wide range of “big data” types such as unstructured and non-relational data.

According to IT industry analyst Gartner Group, the analytics spectrum is rapidly progressing beyond traditional descriptive analytics, such as reporting, into much higher value diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive capabilities for analytics. The Teradata platforms excels in its capability to deliver all of these capabilities.

Teradata also offer solutions such as Integrated Data Warehouse, Aster Discovery Platforms, Hortonworks Hadoop platforms, multi-channel marketing and specific industry collateral.

Catapult BI has excelled in building its customers’ analytics capability through the delivery of robust, reliable and cost effective data warehousing and analytics.

“Our decision to partner with Teradata is based on their experience, capability and proven record with many of the world’s largest corporations and governments,” says Richard Green, Catapult BI CEO, “we can now provide high availability and performance analytic environments that deliver outstanding business value and a competitive advantage.”

Catapult BI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Dialog Group of companies. Dialog has in excess of 1,000 employees across every state and territory, and is Australia’s largest privately owned IT services company.

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