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Catapult BI joins the Dialog Group

In early 2013, Catapult BI became a subsidiary company of the Dialog Group. The Dialog Group includes Dialog Information Technology, a leading technology consulting services organisation, Icemedia, specialists in the design and development of websites and web applications, and AccessHQ, Australia’s largest independent testing organisation.

Prior to the Catapult acquisition, the Dialog Group’s existing BI and Data Management services company, Formation Data, was a force in this market in Canberra in its own right. Formation Data will now operate under the Catapult BI brand, making the combined entity one of the leading specialist service providers in this market Australia wide.

The combined skills and expertise of 850 consultants from Catapult BI and Dialog provide a large pool of knowledge and experience that will benefit organisations looking to maximise the business value of their corporate data assets.

The merge strengthens Catapult BI’s existing capabilities in data warehousing, data management, and business analytics.

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