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Dialog Awarded Managed Applications Service at the Department of Sustainability and Environment

Dialog has been selected as the provider of managed application services for Land Victoria (part of the Department of Sustainability and Environment). Dialog began its association with Land Victoria in 2007 when it developed the Planning Certificates System for LANDATA.

Land Victoria is Victoria’s key agency for land administration and land information. It is responsible for the registration of land titles under the Torrens System, General Law Titles and the status of Crown land. Land Victoria registers more than 760,000 dealings per year, with 90 per cent of 1.85 million title searches conducted online. There are 2.9 million titles securely stored electronically in its Victorian Online Titles System (VOTS).

Land Victoria provides innovative solutions for authoritative, comprehensive and easily accessible services in the areas of Land Registration, Property Information, Valuation, Surveying, and the Geographic Names Register. This is facilitated through five Land Administration System (LAS) applications:

  • The Victorian On-Line Titles System (VOTS)
  • The Plantation Licences Registration System (PLRS)
  • The LANDATA System
  • The Property Sales and Valuation System (PSV)
  • The Planning Certificates System.

In 2011, Dialog was awarded the Application Support and Enhancement Services for the five Land Administration Systems. The transition of the applications was successfully completed within the tight schedule agreed to with the Department.

Dialog continues to provide ongoing application support and enhancement services for the LAS applications through two teams of over 20 Dialog consultants. One team provides support and actions service requests; the other team actions change requests and enhancements using Dialog project managers, business analysts, strategy consultants, developers and testers. The services are provided as a combination of Time and Materials work and Fixed Price projects.

For more information about Dialog’s Managed Application Services visit or contact us on 1800 DIALOG.

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