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Dialog awarded place on major Telstra panel

Dialog has been providing IT services to Telstra for over 15 years.

Telstra recently reviewed their IT and Professional Services supplier arrangements in a bid to rejuvenate its supplier panel. Since the previous panel review, conducted over 9 years ago, Telstra’s Business Unit needs have changed considerably. The original panel consisted of over 200 suppliers.

Telstra went to market with a Request For Proposal to all potential IT and Professional Services. An aggressive timeframe was put in place with suppliers given 4 weeks to respond to comprehensive requirements. Referees and case studies were a key part of the response.

Late in 2013, suppliers were notified of the final results. Only 31 suppliers were chosen.

Dialog was successful in obtaining a place on the panel due to its extensive experience, quality management system, value for money and comprehensive RFP response.

Dialog looks forward to continue to provide critical IT services to Telstra and to participate in new opportunities.

For more information contact Michael Falconer, Victorian Regional Director, on 03 9299 1769.

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