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Dialog develops machine learning solutions on Google Glass Enterprise

Dialog Information Technology has developed the world’s first machine learning-enabled implementations of Google’s Glass Enterprise Edition.

Dialog has been working with early prototypes of Glass since May 2016. It has now developed solutions for the Royal Australian Navy’s Fleet Air Arm and the National Trauma Research Institute.

The project developed for the Navy integrates Glass EE with Google’s Machine Learning API (Vision API and Natural Language API) to assist engineers with the Fleet Air Arm’s helicopter maintenance program.

“The technology enables video conferencing with supervisors from the actual location of the maintenance being conducted and enables a maintainer to have both hands free to conduct maintenance tasks, often at height and in difficult to access locations,” Commodore Chris Smallhorn, commander of the Fleet Air Arm, said.

A pilot for the project has been deployed for assessment with the fleet’s Squirrel helicopters.

“The partnership with Dialog has been ground breaking. We haven’t attempted something like this before, but we are committed to being innovative and agile in our operations.” – Commodore Smallhorn.

On another project, Dialog was commissioned by the National Trauma Research Institute to pair Glass with the Trauma Reception and Resuscitation (TR&R) system.

This implementation will improve emergency medicine by using Glass to help clinicians focus their attention on a patient while it provides a live visual display of the patient’s vital signs. Clinicians will also receive auditory cues to initiate TR&R’s life-saving interventions.

“These two projects are the culmination of Dialog’s work with Alphabet’s X team and some of our Australian clients to build working systems with the new platform," Glenn Irvine, Dialog’s Google national practice manager, said.

“Both of these case studies demonstrate the enterprise worthiness of these wearables, and the progress the Glass product has made in the last few years.”

Dialog IT was named the first Australian Google Glass EE partner after the product was launched globally in July 2017.


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