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Dialog gains a Place on Whole-Of-Government Mobile Applications Panel

The Commonwealth Department of Finance has awarded Dialog Information Technology a place on the Whole-Of-Government Mobile Panel (SON2589631). The Mobile panel can be used by Commonwealth, State and Local government organisations to purchase mobile application services and solutions from Dialog.

The Mobile Panel achieves the following objectives for the Government:

  • expands on the current products and services to meet the current and future needs of agencies for their adoption of mobile technologies;
  • delivers efficiencies for agencies and reduces the cost of supply for service providers; and
  • supports agencies to achieve the aims of the Australian Public Service Mobile Roadmap.

The Roadmap requires Australian Government agencies to actively use mobile technology to:

  • deliver better services to citizens, businesses and communities;
  • improve the productivity of operations; and
  • facilitate open engagement between government and citizens, communities and businesses.

“Dialog’s award-winning FireReady mobile solution is easily available through the panel under Category 3 – Mobile Related Services.“

Dialog built FireReady to be highly scalable, robust and cost effective with a focus on getting as much relevant information to users as possible. It allows users to receive push notifications about Incidents, Emergencies, Total Fire Bans and Fire Danger Ratings occurring in user defined locations or their current location using Google Maps.

FireReady uses Google Maps, Push Notifications and integrates with Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It runs in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS) with Elastic Load Balancing for high availability and state wide access. The application runs 24*7 and uses auto scaling, which allows the infrastructure to grow dynamically, easily coping with 1 million plus users during high fire danger periods.

It is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Dialog can quickly deploy FireReady to any other jurisdiction in Australia or overseas and latest releases now deliver similar features and performance in management of emergency services communications for natural disasters such as floods and storms.

Click here for more information on FireReady.

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