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Dialog Hosts Google CTO and Australia's First Astronaut in Google Geospatial Events

Dialog regularly hosts interesting industry focused seminars showcasing the innovative use of Google technologies.

In August 2014, Dialog organised and sponsored a series of Federal focused executive breakfast roundtables in Canberra and Wellington.

The roundtables were an opportunity to discuss the latest in Google Geospatial technologies and innovation for use in Federal, Defence and Security applications.

Dialog organised two exceptional speakers to host the roundtable discussions and subsequent meetings; Dr Paul Scully-Power, Australia’s first astronaut and remote sensing global thought leader and Michele Weslander-Quaid, Federal Chief Technology Officer and innovation evangelist from Google Washington DC office and former Chief Technology Officer for US National Reconnaissance Office.

The speakers covered a range of topics and showcased their practical expertise of Google solutions. Dr Paul Scully-Power discussed the US application of Google solutions to enable workforces and generate a simple-to-use, real-time common operating picture across a range of smart devices – a solution framework that Dialog Google Enterprise can help Australian organisations utilise. Ms. Weslander-Quaid examined the benefits of “going Google” including its high security assurances, as proven in US Defence, ease of change management and cost saving factors.

Other guest speakers included Kevin Ackhurst, the Managing Director of Google Enterprise in Australia and New Zealand, who discussed the added value of implementing Google technologies via Premier Partner, Dialog Google Enterprise Practice. Kevin reiterated Dialog's impressive track record within Government, Federal and Defence industries.

Along with examining the latest Google Geospatial and unlimited storage cloud technologies, Dialog gave demonstrations of Google innovations, such as wearable technology Google Glass, to highlight the inspiring opportunities for organisations to use these emerging technologies in their future planning and operations.

Dialog Google Enterprise Practice also presented ARGOS, their innovative Google framework designed to enable internal data within a Google platform environment. They primarily showcased the ARGOS Emergency solution and its use in situations like the Victorian bush fires, Brisbane floods and potential use case within the management of G20. The solution was developed and proven by US partner Thermopylae Sciences in management of the Haiti post-disaster relief effort.

Dialog, in partnership with QUT, Brisbane Marketing, Digital Globe and Dr Paul Scully Power, also hosted an event at Brisbane’s Global Café in the lead up to the G20, entitled 'Rocks to Rockets'.

The event discussed the impact of Geospatial on Queensland’s economy, focusing on Google Earth technologies and its benefits in many areas including managing natural disasters, mining and situational awareness. Other guests included former Visiting NASA Scientist and SIBA Chair of Spatial Information at QUT, Dr Tim Foresman.

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