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Dialog wins a QLD Spatial Excellence Award

Dialog Information Technology has won a Queensland Spatial Excellence Awards for its successful implementation of a large Google Earth Enterprise Private Globe. This follows the win of a Technical Excellence award at the Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards for Dialog’s FireReady mobile application.

The Private Globe solution was created by Dialog for an Australian Federal agency. The solution uses an innovative Fusion array involving over 80 processor nodes of a computing grid. This demonstrated a high level of technical complexity.

The judging of the Queensland Spatial Excellence Award is quite stringent. The judges take into account considerations such as the quality of the implementation of the spatial solution, the type of technical challenges that had to be overcome, the methods used and, finally, the resultant utility and benefits that accrued to the client.

This Dialog solution points to the increasing importance of cloud-based globe technology as an essential provider of foundational spatial data services. This has significant ongoing importance for future systems using spatial information.

Google has stated that Dialog’s Fusion Grid is the largest in the Southern Hemisphere. It has 0.5 Petabyte of data compared to Google’s Public Earth globe which has 5 petabytes of data. The imagery was sourced from Google and DigitalGlobe.

Dialog has developed successful spatial solutions for many large organisations. With over 1,000 IT consultants throughout Australia, and partnerships with large IT suppliers such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon Web Services and IBM, Dialog can quickly respond to client needs and develop robust and high-quality spatial solutions.

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