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Dialog wins large University project

The University of Tasmania (UTAS) has been progressing its Vision and Model for Admissions since August 2011. In March 2013, it released a Request for Tender, underpinned by its “single admissions model”, in the form of a Business Requirements Specification for the Student Lifecycle Information Management & Services (SLIMS) Online Application.

This specification was released to a restricted vendor list including Dialog. The over-riding concern for the key stakeholders of the SLIMS application was to ensure the best possible “applicant experience” for all those applying for a place to the University.  Providing efficient and ergonomic functionality for staff and agents working within the applications process is also a key objective.

The Solution

Dialog proposed a Microsoft tools and technology based web solution to be remotely developed in Brisbane with additional resources located in Tasmania to provide a strong technical interface to the University as well as local development, testing, deployment and support capabilities. Dialog’s presentation to UTAS emphasised the company’s outstanding Agile Development Methodology, its commitment to high quality outcomes and its ability to deliver fixed price projects. 

Experience in successful remote development projects supported by a strong client communications protocol were key components of Dialog’s offering.

UTAS selected Dialog to undertake the project and negotiations proceeded rapidly, permitting Dialog to initiate the project in April 2013.

Agile Approach

Dialog’s delivery approach includes a series of 3 “sprints” with significant and useful component delivery at the completion of each sprint.  Dialog’s communications protocol incorporating the high level involvement of people from UTAS, Dialog Tasmania and Dialog Brisbane in daily “stand-up” meetings and other collaborative activities on demand has been an outstanding success. All participants have expressed a high level of confidence in the project’s processes and progress to date.

Dialog and UTAS look forward to a successful outcome to the project within agreed time and budgetary constraints.

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