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Dynamics ERP team wins major clients

The Dialog Dynamics team has had great success with HR and Payroll solutions for customers. Beyond the predictable uptake in collaboration services such as Microsoft Teams and security features from Dynamics 365, Dialog is seeing customers who have been slow to move to the cloud now taking more aggressive steps to do so in an effort to empower remote work and lessen dependence on office-based physical assets, due in no small part to the impacts of CoVid-19.

Clients have singled out the desire to implement an end-to end HR and payroll solution. Organisations have been impacted by changes due to COVID-19 and the need to urgently support staff working remotely. This includes:

  • Employee self-serve - personal details, training, leave requests, timesheets, payroll information
  • LinkedIn Recruiter – talent search, job posting
  • LinkedIn Learning – manage the training needs of the business
  • PayFocus payroll - fully integrated with Dynamics ERP
  • Mobility – access from anywhere on any device.
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