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Griffith University has gone Google

In March 2012, Dialog Information Technology assisted Griffith University with the implementation and licensing of Google Apps to benefit over 12,000 University staff and students.

Dialog supported the University’s move from an on-premise Lotus Notes environment to Google Apps. Main benefits include an increase in mailbox capacity to 25GB through Gmail and access to a suite of other web based tools like Google docs, Google spreadsheets, Google Calendar and Google Talk. These tools enable real time collaboration, enhanced sharing and access to information through a variety of mobile devices.

Griffith’s Pro Vice Chancellor of Information Services, Ms Linda O'Brien, chose Google Apps because it provides the opportunities for staff and students to enjoy deeper, richer collaborations and tap into the world's latest communication innovations. Ms O’Brien recognised that "our academics need the ability to collaborate globally; to communicate, share, and build strong research relationships if we are to advance knowledge and solve the world's biggest problems. Google makes this borderless collaboration easy".

Glenn Irvine, Dialog’s National Practice Manager for Google Enterprise, said that Dialog was "very pleased to be assisting the University with their implementation of Google Apps, and facilitating the contracts for Australia's first Google Apps implementation under Government Information Technology Contracting (GITC) conditions".

Dialog is Australia’s largest Google Enterprise Partner and offers its clients expertise in Google Apps, Google Earth, Google Maps and Google Search.

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