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Message to employees and former employees of Universal Biosensors, circa 2014

On Saturday, September 10, 2022 Dialog detected unauthorised access on our servers, which were then shut down as a preventive measure. Within two working days, our servers were restored and fully operational. We also informed the relevant authorities.  We promptly commenced and have continued to undertake forensic and remedial action with the aid of a leading cyber security specialist, Mandiant, including continuous monitoring of the Dark Web. The ongoing investigations has showed no evidence of unauthorised downloading of data. On Friday, 7 October we became aware that a very small sample of Dialog’s data, including some employee personal information, was published on the Dark Web. On Monday, 10 October, Dialog issued a public statement on its website and communicated with potentially impacted clients and employees to share information and provide support. The Investigation and Dark Web monitoring are ongoing.  

Dialog contacted Universal Biosensors as a customer whose employee data from 2014 was stored in our systems at the time of the data breach.  There continues to be no evidence to suggest that any personal data of employees or former employees of Universal Biosensors been infiltrated or exfiltrated.   However, should any employee or former employee from the stated time frame have any concerns regarding the data breach including if they wish to understand the precise details of the personal data that we hold in respect of them or would like to engage with us to understand the remediation steps taken or to discuss their personal circumstances including understanding our recommendations regarding protecting their personal information please email us at and we will make arrangements for you to be immediately contacted.

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