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New My eHealth Record successfully deployed

The My eHealth Record (MeHR) provides clinicians in Northern Territory and remote parts of South Australia and Western Australia with access to accurate and up-to-date clinical health information for their patients regardless of which health services they have attended.

The solution won first prize in the Improvement in the Patient Journey category at the 2012 WA Health Awards.

MeHR streamlines the patient’s journey through the health system. As it eliminates the need for paper records to be mailed or faxed and for multiple telephone calls between health providers, it provides more timely access by clinicians to medical background of patients. Patients are also able to request a copy of their medical journey.

Dialog worked with Ocean Informatics to create and successfully deploy the solution. A key success factor was Dialog’s in depth knowledge of eHealth having developed and supported eHealth solutions for over 12 consecutive years in the Northern Territory.

MeHR is implemented using the OceanEHR atomised repository. Over 4 million records were carefully migrated from a relational database structure to a generic structure storing XML documents. Dialog continues to build and support key health applications around Australia.

Dialog is the exclusive implementation and support provider for the OceanEHR data repository in the Northern Territory.

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