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PCEHR Discharge Summary solution

Dialog delivered a clinical portal to Calvary Health Care ACT which complies with the new Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record (PCEHR) Discharge Summary process.

Calvary Health Care ACT is a major provider of health services in the ACT and is part of the Little Company of Mary that owns a number of private and public hospitals and aged care facilities around Australia.

The PCEHR is an Australian Government initiative to provide every Australian with an online summary of key health related information. Health Care Professionals can contribute to an individual’s PCEHR based on owner consent.

Dialog provided Calvary Hospital with project management, project support, business analysis and change management activities.

Dialog worked in partnership with Orion Health and ACT Health to replace Calvary Hospital’s ageing Discharge Summary system. Dialog’s team:

  • Gathered the Clinical Portal requirements from each clinical unit.
  • Tested the configuration
  • Managed the integration and deployment of the new clinical portal compliant with the PCEHR Discharge Summary data

Underlying these massive changes to the clinical environment was a customised people change management program created to ease deployment and address adoption hurdles within Calvary Health Care ACT.

Dialog also provided key resources to drive consumer adoption of the PCEHR through events and other adoption strategies in ACT and New South Wales.

Dialog met and exceeded all set targets and was recognised by the Department of Health and Ageing and the team was recognised for their outstanding performance and results.

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