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Innovative Eye Tracking System Wide Open for Endless Possibilites

Open dialog article,
By Tony Bailey, CEO AccessHQ (a Dialog Group company)

Using experienced consultants, innovative tools and proven methodologies, AccessHQ are experts in evaluating the usability of your website. One interesting tool used is Insight Testing which uses EyeTracker technology. In fact the tool has many uses.

In 2011, Channel 7’s Today Tonight program featured AccessHQ's revolutionary service, to test the differences between men and women and how they go about their everyday lives. Using state of the art EyeTracker technology, we were able to literally "see through the eyes of volunteer couple, Bill and Viv, as they went about their daily tasks" said Tony Bailey, CEO of AccessHQ. The couple were sent out to a department store and to a supermarket to see how men and women go about the same task. The differences were remarkable.



The technology is truly leading edge, because it gives us the ability to understand how people interact with their everyday environment. For companies, we can now test how their customers interact across the entire entity - from premises and facilities to corporate communications and technology. For marketeers and advertisers, the possibilities are endless. Given the amount of messages people are bombarded with daily, how do I make sure my message is processed? The answer is Insight Testing. Make your decisions with knowledge not guesswork.

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Reference this article: Tony Bailey, Innovative Eye Tracking System Wide Open for Endless Possibilites (2012-04-27) Open Dialog - Dialog Information Technology <>

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