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BreastScreen Queensland

BreastScreen Queensland

Deploying digital mammography

Dialog assisted BreastScreen Queensland in deploying state-of-the-art digital mammography technology to improve the clinical outcomes of women participating in the BreastScreen Queensland program. Decreased numbers of technical recalls, improved timeliness of results and increased service capacity have resulted from this initiative.

The Queensland Health BreastScreen Queensland (BSQ) Program is a public health program that offers free breast cancer screening and assessment services for women aged 50 to 74 years. It screens over 200,000 women per year and is instrumental in reducing mortality and morbidity rates from breast cancer.

The BreastScreen Digital project was initiated to provide BSQ with the capability to capture, store, distribute, view and interpret digital mammograms.


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Business Process Analysis

Dialog initially provided a Senior Business Analyst to lead the Business Process analysis and design activities for the BreastScreen Digital project. This required visits to all BreastScreen Services throughout Queensland and the production of Business Process Models using Business Process Modelling Notation (BPMN) and Universal Modelling Language (UML).

Business Case

A Dialog Consultant then prepared a detailed Investment Business Case. This included cost and benefits of the total solution and covered costs of components such as new digital mammography equipment (Direct Radiography and Computer Radiography), PACS, BreastScreen Radiology Information System upgrades and costs associated with regional deployment and organisational change management.

Dialog then planned and managed the deployment of the Digital Mammography component to all 23 BreastScreen Qld sites (including mobiles). The solution included;

  • Siemens DR Inspiration Mammography equipment
  • Fuji CR Profect Mammography equipment
  • Fuji Worklist Broker
  • Oracle Radiology Information System
  • Fuji image storage devices
  • Konica and Fuji dry imagers
  • Associated business processes


Dialog developed and monitored key performance indicators (called Pulse Measures) over the 12 month deployment process. These measures indicated that the deployment was extremely successful with faster turn-around times for screenings.

Diagram 2

Based on the success with BreastScreen Queensland, Dialog has gone on to work with other State and Territory BreastScreen services to achieve significant outcomes in the fight against breast cancer.

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