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Construction Skills Queensland

Construction Skills Queensland

Training Policy Administration System

The need

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) supports employers, workers and apprentices in Queensland’s building and construction industry by providing a range of services and fulfils various regulatory functions.

CSQ needed a system which would allow external users (e,g, principal contractors) to enter training compliance data and make this data accessible for review and compliance verification. Reducing the expense, inefficiency and human-error associated with their previous system was imperative.

“The solution automates and supports the recording and reporting of compliance information, encompassing the progressive recording and reporting of training data, compliance with compliance plans and data access for viewing and compliance verification by Departmental officers.”

Dialog's role

To deliver CSQ with the total solution Dialog created a SharePoint web-based solution (for internal and external users). The system replaced various internal applications and, crucially, fully automated the management of compliance data.

Dialog implemented an end-to-end solution enabling CSQ and principal contractors to meet the compliance requirements of the new training policy. It delivered greatly improved service for all stakeholders and participants in the compliance processes: principal contractors through its automation of reporting and recording of the training data and government stakeholders through improved access to data for compliance verification.


An outstanding aspect of this project was the innovative, client-focused, selection of technologies employed by Dialog’s consultants to provide the required functionalities. The compliance data management application was developed by Dialog using the powerful SharePoint Foundation 2013 framework, with customisations performed to provide a precisely tailored solution. Other technologies employed were SharePoint Enterprise Server 2013, C#.NET, JavaScript, JSOM and jQuery. Notably, Dialog was also able to meet several of CSQ’s needs using entirely out-of-the-box functionalities of SharePoint 2013.

Successful outcomes

The result was a streamlined and highly-economical solution that provides CSQ with great time and money savings, improved compliance data management processes and quality. Prior to Dialog’s delivery of the SharePoint extranet CSQ  relied on difficult to manage shared network drives and laborious, complex and error-prone systems of emails,  spreadsheets and manual data submission of forms. The innovative, cost-effective system delivered by Dialog provided key stakeholders with a single, powerful and elegant solution to their compliance needs.

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