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Department of Communities

Department of Communities

Detention Centres

In 2009, the Queensland Department of Communities defined an extensive set of business requirements for a system to manage youth detention centres, the Detention Centre Operational Information System (DCOIS). Dialog was engaged by the Department to undertake the design of this application for a fixed price and within a challenging timeframe.

Due to a similarity in functional requirements between the Department of Communities’ proposed Detention Centre Operational Information System (DCOIS) and the existing Integrated Offender Management System (IOMS) used by Queensland Corrective Services, IOMS was to be used as the basis of DCOIS.

Dialog Team

Dialog supplied a team of seven consultants including an architect, four business analysts, a specialist in the IOMS system and a database administrator. The team worked closely with an internal team who interpreted requirements and reviewed designs while developing the new business processes that would complement the use of DCOIS.


Dialog’s major project deliverables consisted of:

  • An Infrastructure Architecture which detailed the technical environment in which DCOIS would operate
  • An Applications Architecture which was the foundation for the detailed design
  • Detailed Design documents for enhancing and extending the existing IOMS .Net framework
  • Designs of interfaces with two other Departmental systems
  • Detailed Design documents for 15 different functional areas
  • Database Models to support all functional areas.

Some of the designs made extensive re-use of IOMS components, while others made only moderate re-use and required varying degrees of modification and extension. Certain modules which are critical to the operation of a youth detention centre were completely new.

Successful outcome

The work was performed to a tight timeframe as the client wished to maintain a particular timetable for completion of the entire system delivery and deployment process.

Along the way, the Dialog team consulted closely with both technical and business staff from the Department. Both groups were very complimentary about the manner in which the teams worked together and also with the quality of the designs produced.

Through close collaboration with the business during eight weeks of extensive workshops, requirements were confirmed and designs were reviewed and fine tuned.

All deliverables were duly accepted by the Project Board, allowing work to proceed to the development stage.

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