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Department of Human Services

Department of Human Services

Dialog is currently one of the Department of Human Services’ (DHS) largest ICT services partners and successfully delivers managed services to DHS in Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Prior to the amalgamation of the different agencies to form DHS, Dialog successfully supplied managed services to Centrelink and Medicare Australia for over 10 years, providing services across a wide range of IT disciplines and technologies.

As a member of both the DHS Services Panel and DHS Contractor Panels, Dialog currently works with DHS on many projects in Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.

This long-term relationship with DHS demonstrates Dialog’s commitment to partnering with its clients and the resulting value that clients are able to realise.

SAP Projects

Since 2011, Dialog has been providing resources as part of a blended team with Department of Human Services to develop applications using SAP CRM as part of the “Customer First” program of work. As of May 2014, Dialog was providing over 35 developers and business analysts to deliver a major program of work valued at greater than $20 million. The technologies used include J2EE, M204, Janus, ARIS and .NET.

The success of this long lasting relationship is the result of Dialog's ability to adapt quickly to the changing needs of DHS.

CRM Development Project

DHS established a CRM development project that was initially called "Single View of Customer". DHS needed business analysts and Java developers to supplement their technical staff in the formation of the technical delivery team for the Single View of Customer. Dialog responded by providing a technical Project Manager, a highly qualified Java / Oracle technical lead and four experienced Java EE developers.

This development team worked closely with the DHS CRM Business Project team based in Canberra, the DHS Enterprise Architects and technical representatives of the three master programs. This work identified issues and opportunities associated with the establishment of the interfaces required between Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support. The project team worked closely with the DHS "Work Management System" project team and the "Single User Workspace" development team preparing strategies that would assist the eventual convergence of these three critical projects.

Integrating SAP CRM

At the end of 2011, DHS decided that the strategy for implementation of "Tell US Once" and the "Single View of Customer" user interface would shift from a WebSphere custom portal development to an implementation based upon the SAP CRM product.

DHS needed to enhance its delivery teams with SAP implementation and integration specialists. Dialog responded to this change in project direction by initially recruiting 12 experienced SAP specialists specifically to meet the rapidly changing DHS needs. Dialog also trained a number of its existing consultants in relevant SAP technologies to facilitate knowledge transfer from the original project team to the new implementation team.

Dialog and DHS Partnership Continues

"Dialog has demonstrated an exceptional ability to adapt to the changing DHS technology landscape in a manner that is beneficial and rewarding for both DHS and Dialog."

Since the decision to base the DHS "Customer First" program on an SAP CRM platform, Dialog has been heavily involved in the following projects:

  • Front of House - This is a system for the management of customer appointments and ad-hoc customer "walk-ins". Dialog consultants provided the designs for the interfaces between SAP and the DHS legacy customer appointment systems. Dialog also designed and assisted with the implementation of a SAP replacement for the legacy Medicare Wait Room system.
  • National Queue Migration - The DHS National Queue was a system based upon Process Server that managed task allocation across DHS. Dialog provided a SAP Solution Architect to assist with the design of the SAP replacement for the DHS National Queue. Dialog consultants worked with DHS on the transition from Process Server to SAP with involvement in development, rollout and initial production support.
  • Tell Us Once - This is a core Customer First project that provides a common workflow for the display and maintenance of customer data that is shared across the master programs. Dialog has provided SAP and legacy system integration specialists to assist DHS with the design and build of the solution. This system uses the SAP Web UI for the user interface and uses interfaces into Centrelink, Medicare and Child Support Agency legacy systems
  • SAP HR Patching - Dialog provided DHS with a SAP specialist to upgrade SAP HR using a number of SAP service packs.
  • Interpreter Management System - The system provides:
    • Access to information and support in a language of the customer’s choice
    • Enables non-English speaking customers to conduct the same range of transactions as English speaking customers
  • Single User Workspace Convergence - The Single User Workspace (SUW) is a web application that provides access to a number of legacy system transactions and workflows through a web interface.
  • Work Management System -The Work Management System is a single IT system which allocates and manages work items within the DHS portfolio.
  • Investigation Management Systems -The Investigation Management Systems (IMS) manages investigations of potential cases of fraud, and manages investigation through to prosecution. The Investigation Management System is built using the SAP CRM Incentive and Commission Management (ICM) module.

SAP Testing

AccessHQ, Australia’s leading independent testing organisation and a Dialog subsidiary, has been engaged since June 2013 to provide skilled SAP testing resources to perform System Integration Testing on the Aged Care Online Claiming program.

The Aged Care Online Claiming program involved implementing a system for Aged Care providers to perform online claiming of Aged Care payments. The system was developed in SAP COTS system with the development of a custom module using the Accelerated SAP (ASAP) methodology.

The AccessHQ team immediately brought testing cycles under control with the next release deployed to production on schedule. This resulted in AccessHQ being retained to test the subsequent release of the Aged Care Online Claiming program.

ARIS Modelling

When DHS wanted to make ARIS part of the application lifecycle management stack, Dialog invested in becoming a Certified Services Partner with Software AG for the ARIS Products.

ARIS (Architecture of Integrated Information Systems) is an approach to enterprise modelling that provides methods for analysing SAP Business Processes and takes a holistic view of process design, management, workflow and application processing.

As a Software AG partner, Dialog is able to provide proof of concepts for clients and demonstrate ARIS’ capabilities and methods including Business Requirements Management and Business Process Modelling at an advanced level.

M204 Expertise

Dialog has invested in its Model 204 (M204) capability since 2006 and now has the largest M204 team in Australia.

M204 is the underlying technology for DHS’ core Income Support Integrated System (ISIS), a complex tool that Centrelink has used to calculate and administer social welfare payments for nearly 30 years.

Dialog’s commitment to supporting DHS continues every year by investing in M204 upskilling, including vendor involvement such as attending the international conference in Boston.

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