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Disability Services Commission

Disability Services Commission

The Disability Services Commission (DSC)

The Disability Services Commission (DSC) is the Western Australian State Government agency responsible for advancing opportunities, community participation and quality of life for people with disability. The commission partners and collaborates with disability sector organisations, business and government and other stakeholders. Its function is to improve participation, inclusion and access for people with disability across the community.

DSC’s accessibility needs…

DSC has more than 28 web based applications requiring accessibility standards compliance as defined by Government legislation.

These applications are required to meet the WCAG 2.0 standard’s Level A with extranet applications meeting Level AA requirement for accessibility.

The commission needed ICT services that could cater for changes across various legacy and new internet based applications while improving overall application performance and development processes.

“Dialog IT comes highly recommended for its professional experience in the web accessibility domain”. - DSC - ICT Projects Manager

The Solution….

For the accessibility compliance project, DSC decided to use a design template for consistency across all corporate and client applications.

This design template formed the new look for DSC applications and set the stage for development efforts.

Dialog converted 28 applications to the new design template’s look and feel. The conversion proved to be more challenging than anticipated, with Dialog implementing innovative solutions to address various legacy issues and ensure that viable upgrade paths were in place to cater for future needs.

Disability Services Commission

…and the Outcomes

DSC gained a signifi­cant improvement in the quality of its applications, specifically:

  • Consistent look and feel across applications
  • More stable and easily readable screen displays
  • Updated ICT development processes to cater for current and future change processes;
  • Updated application framework and styles to comply with future Microsoft technologies
  • Repeatable testing and development processes.

These enhancements enabled DSC to demonstrate its strong commitment to compliance with Government regulations through increased accessibility of its applications for the disabled community.

DSC’s websites now meet the WACAG 2.0 Level A standard.

If you need help with website accessibility. Contact dialogit@dialog.com.au.

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