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IT Queensland

IT Queensland

Rebranding Challenge

IT Queensland is a non-profit volunteer-based organisation that supports Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies headquartered or owned in Queensland. The non-profit organisation provides benefits to members through networking events, lobbying, and business development.

With Google Apps, we’re looking much more professional than before. That, in turn, has had a positive effect on our enthusiasm and motivation to promote the organisation

IT Queensland was experiencing a transitional rebranding challenge. After moving from Software Queensland to IT Queensland, a consistent brand and identity became an important issue for the representation of its members, committee and other participants. This rebranding was intertwined with IT Queensland’s technical capabilities.

“People were receiving emails from multiple different individual business email addresses, rather than, for example, Mary@itqueensland.com.au,” says Bob Dunne, chairman of IT Queensland, “We were using a hodgepodge of technologies for our email, documents, website, and calendar.”

IT Queensland knew they were interested in using cloud technology because they did not want to worry about hosting servers on-site.

Google Solution

The Dialog team moved IT Queensland to Google Apps for Business. They also created a new website using Google Sites.
IT Queensland moved from individual business email addresses to a consolidated IT Queensland domain using Gmail in one day. Volunteers were able to coordinate and collaborate with the easy-to-use Google Calendar and Google Docs.

The migration to Google Apps went smoothly with the volunteers, as most were already familiar with how to use Google Apps and Gmail.

Immediate Results

Dialog is the largest Google Solutions Partner in the Asia Pacific Region, and provides a complete Google Solutions offering. For more information, visit www.dialog.com.au/google

Volunteers at IT Queensland were immediately productive without training upon the deployment of Google Apps. A large, free, online documentation library helped with any queries that were raised.

IT Queensland now has a consistent identity, supported by a dedicated email address and polished website. The website can be easily updated through Google Sites to accommodate any changes made by members of the group. Communication among members, the committee, and prospective members is now streamlined. There is little confusion about document versions or security when using Google Docs.

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