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Macquarie Bank

Macquarie Bank


Macquarie Bank chose Dialog to undertake a SharePoint migration from 2010 to SharePoint online. At the time Macquarie Bank reported poor usage and uptake specifically from the Macquarie Capital users, leaving users frustrated with the platform.

The Problem

Macquarie Bank wanted to rapidly move off the ageing SharePoint 2010 platform to SharePoint Online.

Although most of the 1,000 SharePoint sites were fairly straight-forward to migrate, about 300 were classified as complex as they were custom solutions with functionality that was not supported in SharePoint Online.

The Solution

Simple sites were migrated using a combination of leading migration tools as well as custom developed tools. Complex sites were reworked to support SharePoint Online and varied from rewriting solutions and workflows to others requiring complete overhauls. Dialog used Design Thinking processes (e.g. user sympathy, card-sorting and pain points analysis) to create the revamped sites.


All SharePoint sites easily passed functional and User Acceptance testing. Custom-developed solutions were documented and operationally handed over.

Macquarie Capitals SharePoint site’s go-live was a great success and saw posiitve comments from users.

The solution requires minimal support, reducing pressure on internal resources and is future proof.

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