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Marine Safety Victoria

Marine Safety Victoria

Marine Safety System

Dialog developed the Marine Safety System (MSS) for Marine Safety Victoria (MSV). It is a large, scalable, highly available management system with a centrally managed data repository.

It allows data entry and access from Marine Safety Victoria and other Government organisations including Victoria Police, Coast Guard, Vic Roads, Fisheries Victoria, Safety Councils and Sailing Clubs. Data about marine incidents, audits and offences received from these organisations is evaluated and approved by authorised officers within Marine Safety Victoria.

Dialog’s designers are concerned with the creation of systems that are intuitive, accessible, robust, aesthetically pleasing and responsive.


MSS provides administration, security, mobile accessibility, reporting, geospatial functions and mapping. It is easily extensible to other systems including Oracle Finance and HR.

The system has the following characteristics:

  • Robust Internet-based application
  • An Oracle data warehouse supports reporting and spatial analysis.
  • A flexible workflow component allows MSV’s management to approve and control the flow of public and private data from external parties
  • Predicts and analyses trends regarding incidents on waterways with a focus on saving lives
  • Authenticates users using existing infrastructure
  • Provides its own internal role based security
  • Facilitate integration with mobile devices which operate for extended periods of time in a disconnected manner, allowing information to be gathered on the water and sent back to the MSS for review
  • Handles data from disparate sources and guarantees data and transactional integrity
  • Handles privacy logging such that it is always possible to know when and which user has viewed sensitive data
  • Allows geospatial coordinates for an event to be viewed on a map and for a map location to be selected for an event
  • Extensive Business Intelligence and ad hoc reporting

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