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NSW Rental Bond Board

NSW Rental Bond Board

Dialog assists the Rental Bonds Board

The NSW Rental Bonds Board acts as an impartial custodian of residential rental bonds in New South Wales. The Board manages rental bond lodgements, safe custody and refunds. It holds over 635,000 rental bonds valued at $741M. Each year 266,000 lodgements; 260,000 refund claims and 176,000 customer inquiries are processed.


Dialog redeveloped the core back-office rental bonds application in 2009.

In 2013, Dialog built an online interface that provides self-service facilities for tenants and landlords.

"The project delivered by Dialog was exemplary. It should be used as a model for future IT projects within the NSW government.

The Problem

The legacy back-office system for managing bonds was based on outdated and unsupported technology and could not be extended to provide online capabilities. The bond management processes were paper based and required extensive manual processing. The result was an inefficient back-office process and poor customer service.

The Solution

Dialog delivered a full application lifecycle project from requirements confirmation to deployment. The solution uses the Microsoft technology stack including Windows SQL Server 2008 and multi-tier Microsoft .NET architecture. The highly secure system provides extensive back-office functionality and also provides online services that allow landlords and tenants to interact directly with the system, removing the need for paper forms. The system also supports mobile users.

635,000 rental bonds
$741M in bonds
3,000 real estate agents

This video provides an overview of the systems functionality.


The system has resulted in greatly improved back-office efficiencies and a vastly better user experience for Fair Trading staff as well as for tenants, landlords and agents. Since its initial launch in 2010 it has been continuously improved through ongoing functional enhancements as well as upgrades that ensure that the underlying technology platform is up to date.

"The project undertaken by Dialog was exemplary. It should be used as a model for future IT projects within NSW government. The team from Dialog, Fair Trading, AccessHQ and Tecala worked together as a team to deliver a solution which exceeded users' expectations within the agreed timeframe and budget." stated the IT Director, Rental Bond Board.

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