Privacy Statement

Dialog has a privacy policy that complies with the appropriate Commonwealth and State Legislations concerning the collection and recording of personal information.

We endeavour to protect all collected personal information from unauthorised use or disclosure. Any queries relating to personal information held by Dialog (including access requests) should be directed to:

The Privacy Officer

Dialog Pty Ltd

PO Box 3713

South Brisbane BC Qld 4101

Telephone +61 7 3247 1000

Facsimile +61 7 3247 1100


Dialog usually collects personal information directly from an individual with the individual's consent. We take reasonable steps to verify any personal information provided by third parties before it is used and obtain consent for its use from the relevant individual where it is required by legislation.

Dialog only collects personnel information where it is required for the normal conduct of its business.

Any Dialog client, customer, business partner or individual who does not want their personal information provided to any particular organisation or types of organisations should notify Dialog at the time of the collection of the personal information.

Disclosure and Use

The primary use of personal information requested by Dialog is to efficiently provide information technology products and services to its clients or potential clients. In some cases we are required to keep personal information under relevant legislation.

Personal information is only disclosed to suppliers and customers relevant to the particular business that the individual is conducting with Dialog. Dialog may disclose the information to other companies within the Dialog Group.

In addition to the original primary use of such data, it is also used to provide you with product and industry updates and other market related information. Should you prefer not to receive any such information please contact Dialog.

Data Quality

Personal information is updated on collection from the individual and through the day-to-day processes of Dialog’s business. Please contact Dialog if any updates to your personal information are required.

Data Security

Dialog takes reasonable measures to ensure the integrity and security of personal information held by the company.

Unless the primary purpose of data collection requires it, data will not usually leave our offices. Should personal information be required to be taken from our offices for business purposes, then increased security measures are employed.

We will delete from our systems any of your personal information held by the company on your request. We will require that sufficient proof of identity is provided.


Personal information held by Dialog is limited to that which is required for the legitimate functions of the company's business.

Dialog people are informed of our privacy policy through its publication on our intranet. The policy is available from our website or upon request from our Privacy Officer.

Any queries regarding Dialog's position on privacy should be directed to the Privacy Officer.

Access and Correction

Dialog will provide access to individuals to any of their personal information held by the company for the purpose of review and correction with exception to the limitations imposed by the privacy legislation.

Requests for access should be forwarded to the Privacy Officer.

Government Identifiers

Government identifiers are only for the purposes required of the company by legislation.


Dialog will respect a request for anonymity where practical. Dialog’s business processes cannot be completed with either party remaining anonymous.

Transborder Data Flows

Dialog does occasionally engage in international business. In these instances we undertake not to send or disclose personal information without the consent of the individual.

Sensitive Information

Dialog does not require that you supply any sensitive information to the company unless it is essential for the purpose of the conduct of business. This type of information will not be collected without your consent.

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