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Technology doesn't matter! What matters is how technology is implemented and how it's used. This is a management issue and a people issue. It's about managing the way people work together to achieve the right results. That's why we say we're a people company. Because people make the difference. With people, you can have MEANINGFUL DIALOG.

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Dialog’s clients represent the best of Australian Government, commerce and industry in all major sectors:

  • Capital intensive corporations: mining, power, water, transport, construction
  • Health: Health regulatory agencies, medical insurance, hospitals, health services.
  • Financial sector: Banking, insurance, superannuation, financial services
  • Retail: Centre management, travel, hospitality, food, entertainment
  • Education: Universities, trade and further education organisations, regulatory bodies
  • Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Telecommunications
  • Government: Federal, State and Local government departments:
    • Defence
    • Environment, Land, Water, Foreshore, Natural Resources
    • Health and related bodies
    • Treasury, finance, revenue, statistics
    • Justice, Courts, Commissions, Police, Fire, Emergency Services, Ambulance
    • Primary Industry, Fisheries, Agriculture
    • Transport, Rail, Roads, Harbours and Marine

And many more.

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