Dialog has extensive expertise

With over 1,200 people ranging across the whole spectrum of IT skills and capability, the highest level of industry partnerships, a vigorous recruitment and training programme and the ability to deliver complex services anywhere in Australia, Dialog stands out as a leader in the field.

Underlying these comprehensive qualifications is the depth and scope of expertise offered by Dialog's people. Roles at all levels from Program Director to Graduate Programmer can be undertaken and all the major environments, tools, methodologies, languages and utilities can be used with confidence.

Managed Application Services

A Managed Application Service is the provision of experienced IT professionals and methodologies to support, maintain and enhance an organisation’s key applications.

In implementing Managed Application Services for its Corporate and Government clients, Dialog assumes the management of their entire application portfolio or significant components of it. With extensive industry expertise and in-depth understanding of business processes and information technology, Dialog is uniquely qualified to work with clients who wish to reduce time spent on IT management and enhance their focus on strategic, core business competencies.

Dialog can securely host your applications in the “cloud” or, if necessary, on a totally segregated environment.

Dialog leverages its partnerships with Amazon Web Services, Next DC, IBM, Microsoft and Google to build the right managed hosting solution for your applications.

Pricing is structured to meet your business needs. Most clients prefer a fixed monthly charge.

Dialog streamlines application management functions, improves governance, implements appropriate standards and processes and can modernise the application portfolio in support of future business needs and strategic shifts. All while reducing costs within flexible commercial arrangements in the framework of Service Level Agreements.

Dialog has a talent for attracting and retaining skilled IT professionals, allocating resources to the client’s projects, determining which components to focus on, meeting the consistent requirements of managing risk and delivering to agreed service levels.

As a consequence, while many companies struggle to achieve the ultimate goal of a modern and adaptable application platform upon which to grow the business, Dialog’s Managed Application Services can attain this goal.

These factors challenge even the most dynamic organisations. For Dialog they are core business.

Dialog's approach to Managed Application Services is based on the ITIL framework and involves four distinct phases.

Dialog consultants used a detailed guidebook to plan and execute the activities within each phase.

Read more about Dialog’s Managed Application Services approach.

Using this approach Dialog is able to deliver:

  • Application Portfolio Planning
  • Application Development and Testing
  • Application Support and Maintenance
  • Service Management

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