Dialog has extensive expertise

With over 1,200 people ranging across the whole spectrum of IT skills and capability, the highest level of industry partnerships, a vigorous recruitment and training programme and the ability to deliver complex services anywhere in Australia, Dialog stands out as a leader in the field.

Underlying these comprehensive qualifications is the depth and scope of expertise offered by Dialog's people. Roles at all levels from Program Director to Graduate Programmer can be undertaken and all the major environments, tools, methodologies, languages and utilities can be used with confidence.

Project Management

The large proportion of return business Dialog enjoys from its customers, both government and commercial, is largely attributable to the outstanding record for delivery achieved by its Project Managers with their highly skilled and motivated technical teams.

The ability to deliver IT projects in complex technical, organisational, business and human circumstances while maintaining a balanced view of scope, process, methodology, quality and standards is what Dialog seeks in its Project Managers. These talents, applied with calm and reassuring confidence, outstanding communications skills and a clear focus on the customer’s goals and objectives will always deliver the goods on schedule and within budget.

Dialog consultants will use your preferred project management methodology, whether in-house or public domain, to successfully deliver your project. If you do not have a preferred methodology or if the project is totally managed by Dialog, then we will use either PRINCE2 or Dialog’s SAGE project management methodology.

Dialog has many PMI and PRINCE2 certified project managers with experience gained on major projects. This ensures that the key elements of project management (e.g. scope, quality, time, cost, people) are carefully balanced and managed.

Dialog consultants’ skills and knowledge in project management are constantly refined through the use of Dialog’s SAGE knowledge base, enrolment in the Dialog Academy, internal Special Interest Group forums and mentoring.

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