Dialog has extensive expertise

With over 1,200 people ranging across the whole spectrum of IT skills and capability, the highest level of industry partnerships, a vigorous recruitment and training programme and the ability to deliver complex services anywhere in Australia, Dialog stands out as a leader in the field.

Underlying these comprehensive qualifications is the depth and scope of expertise offered by Dialog's people. Roles at all levels from Program Director to Graduate Programmer can be undertaken and all the major environments, tools, methodologies, languages and utilities can be used with confidence.


System Deployment and Organisational Change Management are the major components of System Implementation. Deployment brings into clear focus many technical, procedural and data related tasks while Organisational Change Management has a more human focus. In many larger enterprises they each become major projects in their own right with their own Program or Project Management and team members from many disciplines. Regardless of the scale of each activity, close co-ordination is imperative.

Dialog deployed a .Net application for NSW Rental Board which is now used by over 3000 real estate agents and 70 internal staff.

In releasing a new or major upgrade to an application Dialog’s consultants confer with all stakeholders, review the entire environment of the deployment process to ensure all the essential components are in place and prepare a comprehensive Deployment Plan. Critical elements include all aspects of the system’s release process from test into a live environment, configuration control and release management, infrastructure readiness, data gathering and migration, system configuration, operator training and performance monitoring. At appropriate intervals Dialog’s consultants review performance and implement any necessary corrective action, ensuring successful operations on schedule.


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