Dialog has extensive expertise

With over 1,200 people ranging across the whole spectrum of IT skills and capability, the highest level of industry partnerships, a vigorous recruitment and training programme and the ability to deliver complex services anywhere in Australia, Dialog stands out as a leader in the field.

Underlying these comprehensive qualifications is the depth and scope of expertise offered by Dialog's people. Roles at all levels from Program Director to Graduate Programmer can be undertaken and all the major environments, tools, methodologies, languages and utilities can be used with confidence.


Software development, in common with all complex activities, incorporates testing to ensure the desired results are achieved at an acceptable standard of quality. Dialog’s project teams employ three different categories of tests: Unit Testing, System and Integration Testing, and User Acceptance Testing. Dialog’s SAGE Methodology provides detailed support of all aspects of testing. In critical application developments where, for example, health and safety may be compromised, Dialog supports Independent System Testing by a third party to verify performance.

All tests incorporate feedback to the developer, re-work and re-testing where necessary.

Dialog’s subsidiary company, AccessHQ, which operates independently of Dialog, provides many types of testing including, in addition to the above, functional testing, performance testing, usability testing, sociability testing, compatibility testing, accessibility testing and human computer interaction testing.

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