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AccessHQ and EYE Corp

AccessHQ and EYE Corp

Dialog's subsidiary, AccessHQ has completed a 2-year global research project for EYE Corp, a leading international Out-of-Home advertising company, looking at consumer behaviour in Airports, Universities and Retail Malls. The results from this first of its kind study marks a new level of understanding into consumer behaviour, and provides greater accountability for the out-of-home media industry.

EYE chose Access for its leadership role in pioneering the field of Customer Experience Testing, providing "real insight" into how consumers behave in real-world environments through a range of qualitative and quantitative tools including eye tracking.

AccessHQ provides unique eye-tracking system which allows users to see "through the eyes" of its consumers or website users. The 'magic glasses' contain two video cameras, one pointing outwards to record the field of vision and one pointing at the shoppers' eye to measure exactly where it focuses. The eye positions are overlaid onto the field of vision so the researcher can pinpoint exactly what each consumer looks at and for how long.

Thanks to AccessHQ, EYE Corp was able to understand how consumers engage with their advertising media.

Please view the video to learn more about this innovative and effective technology.

Dialog and AccessHQ are also using eyetrack for testing and evaluating website usability and other market research projects.

Visit accesshq.com for more details.

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