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NSW Roads and Maritime

NSW Roads and Maritime


The NSW Roads and Maritime chose Dialog as its technology partner to progress its data warehousing strategy . Dialog’s role in the architecture, design and development of a highly successful data warehouse for Queensland Transport was particularly relevant to NSW Roads and Maritime, establishing the fact that Dialog was no stranger to the implementation of large, complex data management solutions.

Technology and methodology

The SAGE Methodology provides Dialog’s people and clients with a powerful set of guidelines and standards to enhance the quality of delivery in all projects.

NSW Roads and Maritime chose Oracle Warehouse Builder and Oracle Discover as the toolset for the data warehouse. Dialog implemented a methodology for business requirements gathering using techniques that allow requirements to drive design, ensuring a close match between initial expectations and the delivered product. The consultants also applied the business intelligence and data warehousing components of Dialog’s SAGE methodology which incorporate industry best practice and the practical knowledge of highly skilled technicians, some with over 15 years’ experience in this field.

Scalable framework

NSW Roads and Maritime specified that the data warehouse be scalable to minimise long term costs. Dialog accommodated this need at the architecture and design stages, setting the groundwork for the warehouse to deliver long term flexibility as well as meeting immediate requirements.

Dialog set the groundwork for the data warehouse to deliver long term flexibility as well as meeting immediate requirements.

Successful implementation

In addition to the successful design and construction of the Number Plates Data Mart, Dialog implemented a master data model for NSW Roads and Maritime’s Corporate Data Warehouse including processes and procedures for future development and support.

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