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Gateway Prison Operating System

Gateway Prison Operating System

Gateway Prison Operating System
The GEO Group Australia (GEO) is Australia’s leading provider of outsourced correctional services. More than 3,800 prisoners are managed in five correctional facilities across Australia.

GEO was successful with its bid to the State of Victoria to build, own and operate Ravenhall Prison from 1 November 2017 under a Public Private Partnership. Ravenhall houses up to 1300 male prisoners.
GEO’s response to the Ravenhall prison opportunity included innovation for the management of the prison operations. Central to these operations is the application of integrated technologies and the use of the Gateway Prison Operating system (Gateway), including In-Cell technologies. The implementation of Gateway and In-Cell enable GEO to realise planned operational efficiencies and service delivery commitments.

Dialog’s Scope
GEO engaged Dialog to design and build three co-operating web based applications that:

  • Provide correctional staff with electronic case management, scheduling activities for prisoners and associated movement control, managing attendance by prisoners at activities and operational reporting including prisoner counts and KPIs
  • Provide prisoners the In-Cell application to communicate with staff, apply for jobs within the prison, purchase from the canteen, view daily schedule
  • Provide secure communications between prisoners and external providers, family and friends
  • Interfaces to onsite systems including Biometric movement control and Learning Management Systems
  • Interfaces to Corrections Victoria’s systems to securely exchange prisoner data
  • Meet security requirements including the Australian Government’s Information Security Manual PROTECTED Controls, along with OWASP ASVS Level 3.

Project Approach
Dialog used Agile methodologies from project initiation, including:

  • Clarifying requirements and providing a full set of Agile user stories and wireframes
  • Providing Solution Architecture, Security and Design Documentation, including secure integration to Corrections Victoria and other systems
  • Building three separate three tier .NET applications and secure interfaces to multiple systems
  • DevOps to support releases to multiple development, testing, UAT and performance environments in AWS
  • Full project management services including waterfall and Agile artefacts
  • Full test capability, including specialised Usability, Accessibility, Functional, System, Performance, Penetration and Automated test resources;
  • Multiple production releases to an ISM Protected private hosting for use by an existing facility, prior to an on time Go Live release at Ravenhall.

The Agile project consisted of 47 sprints and a team of over 30 Dialog consultants over 2 years.

The solution was a custom build, n tier .NET MVC solution with responsive web front end that was certified to ISM PROTECTED status, resulting in the first private prison to interface to and exchange data with Corrections Victoria’s systems.


The Gateway solution won the 2018 Victorian iAward in the Public Sector and Government category.

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