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West Coast TAFE (WA)

West Coast TAFE (WA)


Dialog developed a new internal portal for West Coast TAFE. The previous intranet site had not been well accepted by a large proportion of users and its low uptake had become a cause for concern. The project was designed to address the key issues that were impacting on the intranet site with a view to improving considerably its usability and capabilities and achieving much greater acceptance from users.

Strategic focus

Dialog’s consultants carefully considered the five key priorities listed in the West Coast TAFE’s IT strategic plan to ensure that the redevelopment of the portal was consistent with this strategic focus.

The primary goals of the intranet redevelopment were to:

  • Improve user acceptance and usage by addressing the key concerns of users
  • Improve West Coast TAFE service delivery by enhancing the intranet’s usefulness as a tool.
  • Centralise information storage in order to create a one stop shop for business information and knowledge
  • Enhance intranet information management to assist the organisation in complying with the records management standard AS 15489
  • Reduce significantly the maintenance requirements by reducing redundancy and improving collaboration
  • Regain user confidence in the integrity of the information on the intranet by creating policies to ensure timeliness and accuracy of information
  • Improve the governance of intranet content through better structure and role based permissions
  • Provide integration with TRIM, MS Office 2007, PeopleSoft, Outlook and Exchange
  • Provide integration with a number of GroupWise applications to create a central application portal


The portal was developed using MS SharePoint and C#.


The portal has seen greater user acceptance and closer alignment to West Coast TAFE’s strategic goals.

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