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Dialog Partners with Conekter

Dialog Information Technology is pleased to announce its partnership with Conekter to deliver and support its world class, web based case and client management software system.

Conekter’s case and client management software system is a secure platform which provides organisations with the ability to manage the health and welfare issues of their clients. It connects all relevant stakeholders to the client so that they become involved in the wellbeing journey. Clients and families can access the client portal to view care plans and ask questions.

This partnership will allow organisations to combine the creativity and innovation provided by the Conekter software suite, with the ability of Dialog to execute project plans on time and on budget.

Dialog’s professional and proven quality service delivery will, ensure that customers gain the full value from their Conekter software as Dialog takes control of both the initial deployment project and ongoing support and ongoing maintenance services.

Conekter uses a workflow process which ensures that staff complete only those workflows assigned to them. This simple concept reduces staff errors, ensures consistency, imposes internal operational disciplines and brings processing efficiencies. The end result is an increase in governance, reduced risks and the ability to easily achieve accreditation.

Conekter also provides the means for the customer to take total control of the software. Dialog can teach the customer’s staff how to build workflows, create assessments, build and deploy new fields, create new reports and configure every part of the system.  This is a key part of the self-sufficiency program.

Conekter’s orchestration module can also integrate to third-party legacy systems securely transferring data thereby maintaining continuity services.                                        

The Conekter platform is growing rapidly with Government Departments, Not-for-Profit organisations, Community Health, Primary Health Networks and personal injury companies.

To find out more on how Dialog can implement a Conekter solution for your organisation, please contact us.

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