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Lynx IT joins Dialog

Dialog is pleased to announce the acquisition of Lynx IT, a successful IT services company based in Melbourne.

Since 2002, Lynx IT has provided a wide range of consulting and application development services to government agencies and major commercial organisations (e.g. BUPA, NAB). Lynx has a strong Microsoft pedigree with specialist capability in the Microsoft development environment,  Dynamics CRM and MS Business Intelligence.

Lynx has built up an impressive portfolio of successful major projects and innovative solutions.

“The Lynx IT team is excited to become part of the very successful Dialog organisation. There will be many new synergies available for our respective clients and teams which we will leverage in the coming months.” – Mike Falconer, General Manager Lynx IT

This acquisition complements Dialog’s existing IT services business.

Dialog now has over 1,200 full-time IT consultants throughout Australia.

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